Club Kiskeya is an independent International University Students Association of diverse people devoted to work together for peace, social justice, human rights and social integration through intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and human development among all people on the move(migrants) from all over the world.

Club Kiskeya aims to reinforce social and human developpement and social cohesion and integration of people on the move in Spain and in the EU through 3 main areas: sociocultural integration and critical intercultural dialogue; local and international cooperation; and Developpement through social and collaborative entrepreneurship such as cooperativism, associationism and social businesses. 

We achieve this by getting involved in local, national and international projects and networks with organizations and institutions that share our purpose and are willing to establish strong relationships for cooperation. We organize events such as congress, workshops, courses, forums, summit among other activities that strengthen and promote all sorts of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual and religious equality, well-being and sustainable development through social entrepreneurship.


Club Kiskeya promote intercultural dialogue among people from all places living in Castellon de la Plana, Spain; promote international cooperation in diverse fields national and internationnaly and; work for human development through collaborative economy, associationism, cooperativism and entrepreneurship.




Club Kiskeya projects to be the linking organization among people of Castellon de la Plana and the University of James 1st, by organizing activities that that matters to both the Academy and society.



  1. Diversity

  2. Impartiality

  3. Intercultural

  4. Voluntary services

  5. Humanity

  6. Respect 

  7. Independence

Who can be a member?


Any person who shares the same values we share, can become a member of the Club. To be more specific, if you are a UJI student, retired, you are passionate about working with people of all ages, you love diversity, you litteraly want to work for intercultural dialoque and respect, you are more than welcome to Club Kiskeya and, we are looking forward to receive you.